We boomers haven’t done a great job at leaving the planet in better condition for the generations that follow.  From the physical destruction of the only Earth we have to wide-spread global panic of economic practices and the sinking of the “middle class” the boomer generation has fallen asleep at the wheel.

This boomer, however, is waking up.  I’m encouraged by the Gen X and Millenial generations.  Some call them lazy and apathetic.  I disagree.  I see young people sick and tired of the crap hand they have been dealt and taking matters into their own hands.  The tiny living movement, minimalism, essentialism, anti-consumerism, protection of our scared lands and national parks…there are some really good things happening out there and these particular generations appear to be leading the way.

I’m following their lead.  Incorporating these practices (which are not new…just in a state of renewal) into my own life…as a middle aged baby boomer.  And what I am learning is incredible.  I’m here to share that journey.